3D Stereoscopic Producer, Director, Production Designer, Digital Media Artist





I have been in film/video/audio/music media production for over 30 years working on a vast variety of projects from commercials to indie features, winning many national/international awards. I have worked as a freelance independent to owning a fully staffed mid-sized high-quality production company and location, studio and post facilities. During these many years I acquired many skills, from studio/performing/touring musician and audio engineer/music producer, composer, Maya 3D VFX/animation artist and designer, DP, writer, director, and producer, to production facility engineering and business management. Including a brief gig as adjunct professor teaching a graduate course “Directing for Film/Video” at American University in Washington, D.C.

About 4 years ago I walked out of the theater after seeing Cameron’s film “Avatar” still holding the 3D glasses firmly in my hands, feeling inspired and mind expanded I said to myself “This 3D stereoscopic thing is huge and it is where I want be!”

Now I have a production company and boutique state-of-the-art 3D stereoscopic studio and post facility, which is focused entirely on participating in creating the next wave of new 3D stereo content. We are currently working on a full 3d stereoscopic super science fiction, action-adventure, metaphysical-fantasy project.

I want to use and progress the new creative and business possibilities this fantastic, enhanced artistic palette of 3D stereoscopic filmmaking offers. I am looking to partner with other like minded filmmakers, producers and distributors to bring this brave new world of stereoscopic production to 3D stereo lovers and new audiences worldwide.




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