Hi, welcome to my personal page. Here is a brief bio;

I began my career in media as a freelance musician working clubs, festivals, tours, studio sessions, etc. With studio session work increasing I furthered my music production skills and experience as a engineer, and producer. Back when MTV was primarily a music video venue I began developing my film/video chops by directing and shooting music videos for the top regional bands, attaining worldwide MTV exposure for these artists.

With this success as a creative film/video director, and cinematographer I started a commercial media production company that over a number of years developed into one of the top production companies, and high quality facilites in this mid-east US region. During this time my production company and I won 32 national/international awards. Over the many years of working on all types of projects from independant films, and documentaries, to commercials I developed many more creative and technical skills in digital media artistry, 3D animation, compositing, and surround sound design, among others.

Today I'm busy creating high quality 3D 360 w/ spacial sound virtual reality content, and spacial music.


My current project is produced by my virtual reality production company Relativity Theory 3D VR Cinema. Quintessence 3D VR is a scripted sci-fi 3D 360 Virtual Reality Cinema experience. An intriguing and captivating story of mankind's future in an original episodic VR series. Designed for 3D 360 VR as a super immersive and entertaining multidimensional virtual reality and spacial sound cinema experience, and metaphysical journey of mankind's new found connection with Universal forces.

News update; May 27, 2020

Quintessence 3D VR Episode 1 has won a 2020 Silver Telly Award for best series/show for immersive / mixed reality!


Quintessence 3D VR series is available at the following quality 360 3D VR venues:


JUST LAUNCHED!! Now available at the Oculus Rift / Rift S Store $2.99
Oculus Rift Expereince Web Store HERE

Quest +Link (Requires Link)


Now available at the Oculus Go Store $2.99
Oculus Go Expereince Web Store HERE


We are hoping to be on the Oculus Quest store by early next year!

Quest (Link not required)

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artHouse3d is the production facilities. State of the art 3D 360 virtual reality, 4K+, HD, and other production. Including; green screen sound stage, motorized jib and motion tracking, 3D high resolution, high quality animation, VFX, and compositing, 360 spacial sound music, and sound design.

More info about artHouse3d here


Modern World Media is my commercail production company and facilities. For many years I did work for numerous fortune companies, federal, regional, and military government agencies doing commercial work. My team and I won over 32 interantiona/national awards for this work

More info about artHouse3d here


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